Comité des arrêté.e.s du G7 - Communique denouncing arbitrary arrests and detention of the G7


[Text translated by the RRAG7 legal committee and not by the Comité des arrêté.e.s du G7. Our apologies for any mistakes]

December 5th Press Communique from the Comité des arrêté.e.s du G7

Between December 5th and 7th, some of the people arrested during last June's G7 events will start the Small Claims proceedings at the Montreal, Thetford-Mines and Quebec courts, in order to force the payment of moral and punitive damages. The City of Quebec, for the actions of its police officers and of its prosecutors' office, and the Quebec ministry of public security, for the actions of the Sureté du Québec police, are both facing this legal action.

« We will not be silenced! » - Press communique of the Comité des arrêté.e.s du G7


[This communique was translated by the legal committee of the RRAG7 and not the Comité des arrêté.e.s themselves. We apologize for any mistakes.]

We will not be silenced!

On November 27th, 2018, at the municipal court of Quebec City, six people arrested during the G7 protests appeared before the court.

These people all face a criminal accusation of unlawful assembly. Some of these people also face other accusation, including obstructing the work of a peace officer and a weapons charge with criminal intent for dog repellent.

These people exercised their right for free speech and peaceful assembly, rights described in the Canadian and Quebec Charters of Rights. These people were arrested and detained for four days after being arrested by SPVQ and/or SQ police.

Post-G7 Assessment General Assembly – Thursday, June 28th at 6PM

Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 18:00
Centre social Centre-Sud (1710 Beaudry)

The G7 summit is now over! After having spent all that wonderful time together, the time has come to assess what happened: on mobilization efforts, on the organization of the activities, on what happened, etc. What did we do well? What could be improved? How can we avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future?

This general assembly will also be an opportunity to describe the current state of the arrests and the legal defense.

We hope to see you there on Thursday, June 28th at 6PM at the Centre social Centre-Sud (1710 Beaudry)! The agenda will be confirmed soon.

RRAG7 Follow-up!


Hello to you all!

We did not publish many details on our lists during the last few days since we were pretty busy in the streets of Quebec City against the G7!

However, we sent the most important informations on our twitter feed @anti_g7, a trick to remember for next time!

We will eventually publish a more exhaustive report, but in the meantime, here are a few links about the activities of the last few days, and the unequal struggle against a police state which did everything in its power to silence us.

An important roadway toward La Malbaie is closed by about an hundred people to protest the G7


Beauport, June 8th, 2018

We were in Beauport, in this June 8th morning, to cut bridges with the circus taking place right now in La Malbaie. Our objective was to stand firmly between the hotels of the G7 delegations within Quebec City and the Richelieu Manor in La Malbaie. We hoped to block or, at least, slow down the transport of delegates toward La Malbaie, and therefore be a nuisance to the activities of the G7. We had no illusions however, this action could only be symbolic. By stealing 600 millions of our money to organize their summit, it was easy for the governments involved to raise an army of police forces. Their objet ive was simple : to shut down any alternative message to their dictatorial policies. Still, by preventing our protest, we reached our own objective. The Ste-Anne boulevard (route 138), one of the main roadway to transport delegates, was closed to all traffic for more than an hour.

It's Confirmed!


Everyone who register for the busses and/or for housing has been contacted by email or by phone. If you are registered and haven’t been contacted, please send us an email at Also, if you offered housing you will not be contacted by us directly but by the people that will stay at your place. The people have been given your contact information and it’s on their part to contact you. Thank you.

Second Press Release: Rage against the G7!


Montreal, May 28th, 2018

During the G7 Summit taking place next June 8th and 9th, the leaders of the world in their service to the great multinational corporations of the world will meet at La Malbaie. There, they will write the scenario of the next seasons of their dreaded Capitalism™ serie. In a lavish manor protected by fences and 8000 policemen, policewomen and soldiers, misogynists will discuss women’s rights; militarists will discuss peace; capitalists will discuss environmental protection. With an untold hypocrisy, these leasers will pretend to discuss their 5 great themes to the so-called benefit of humankind and democracy…

On June 8th, stop the G7!

Friday, June 8, 2018 - 07:30
Corner of the François-de-Laval and Sainte-Anne boulevards

For the beginning of the G7 Summit, the elites of the world will gather in La Malbaie, isolated in their ivory tower protected by more than half a billion in security costs. They might as well stay there! Everyone in the world will be better off without them and that is why we intend to cut ties with the people creating our misery. Come join us!