Second Press Release: Rage against the G7!

Montreal, May 28th, 2018

During the G7 Summit taking place next June 8th and 9th, the leaders of the world in their service to the great multinational corporations of the world will meet at La Malbaie. There, they will write the scenario of the next seasons of their dreaded Capitalism™ serie. In a lavish manor protected by fences and 8000 policemen, policewomen and soldiers, misogynists will discuss women’s rights; militarists will discuss peace; capitalists will discuss environmental protection. With an untold hypocrisy, these leasers will pretend to discuss their 5 great themes to the so-called benefit of humankind and democracy…

At the Réseau de résistance anti-G7 (RRAG7), we know too well how this will end up!

  1. Investing in growth to the benefit of everyone… While the peoples of the world are being bled dry and the whole planet is slowly dying, the West continues to exploit the countries of the global South and to spread its colonial and imperial domination. We know very well that the only priority of the political elites is to favor the wallet of the economic elites by supporting tax havens and profits, while ignoring increasing inequalities.

  2. Getting prepared for the jobs of tomorrow… Their future is our misery. Thousands of precarious jobs at minimum wage which forces people to work all day just to survive survive, with no hope of getting out of poverty? Their "tomorrow" full of poorly paid jobs, of dangerous work and meaningless tasks, reserved to migrant workers, to marginalized people, to those with no access to education and to women?

  3. To promote gender equality and women’s autonomy… A sinister joke with a man like Donald Trump at the table, which has shamelessly boasted about sexually assaulting women.

  4. To work together against climate change and toward clean energy… while the economies of the G7 are among the most destructive of the environment. And what can we say about "our" multinational oil and mining companies, which plunder national resources across the world and are complicit in armed conflicts and the forced movement of entire populations.

  5. To build a more peaceful and safe world… while the countries of the G7 are among the main weapon dealers of the world. Their priority is to ensure the safety of their own investments, as can attest the insane amount of security measures used to defend their summits.

After destroying the living conditions of everyone to increase the wealth of a tiny minority, the G7 countries pretend to be surprised by the raging "migration crisis", while they close the borders of their western "fortresses". To gain the support of public opinion to their policies, they promote fear and hate with speeches encouraging racism, when they don’t openly support the far-right like Donald Trump does, with the tacit complicity of the others.

Well, they will find us in the way! The future is dark, the planet is dying, time is running out, the time to act is now. We reject both blind obedience and subservient silence. Their technologies will not put us to sleep. We will not let fear paralyze us. Let them hear the rage of the people. From June 7th to June 9th, let’s occupy the streets!

The Réseau de résistance anti-G7 (RRAG7)

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Please note that we will not give interviews to corporate medias

Summary of the activities planned:

  • June 7th, 6PM at the Parc des Braves in Quebec City: Mass demonstration against the G7 and for open borders, organized conjointly with five community and activist organizations and endorsed by about forty groups.
  • June 8th: Call for a day of disturbances of the G7 Summit, starting with an action at 7:30AM in the Beauport borough, in the Quebec suburbs. *June 9th, 3PM: Participation to the community and union protest.