An important roadway toward La Malbaie is closed by about an hundred people to protest the G7

Beauport, June 8th, 2018

We were in Beauport, in this June 8th morning, to cut bridges with the circus taking place right now in La Malbaie. Our objective was to stand firmly between the hotels of the G7 delegations within Quebec City and the Richelieu Manor in La Malbaie. We hoped to block or, at least, slow down the transport of delegates toward La Malbaie, and therefore be a nuisance to the activities of the G7. We had no illusions however, this action could only be symbolic. By stealing 600 millions of our money to organize their summit, it was easy for the governments involved to raise an army of police forces. Their objet ive was simple : to shut down any alternative message to their dictatorial policies. Still, by preventing our protest, we reached our own objective. The Ste-Anne boulevard (route 138), one of the main roadway to transport delegates, was closed to all traffic for more than an hour.

We specifically wanted to denounce the hypocrisy of this summit. How can we believe in "growth that works for everyone" when leaders of their European fortress like Merkel close their borders to thousands of migrants looking for better lives? How can we believe that "preparing for jobs of the future"can be anything else than preparing for precarious, poorly paid work, when leaders like Macron keep pushing back the benefit we fought for for years? How can we talk about "gender equality and women's empowerment" with a leader like Trump which boasts about his own sexual assaults? How can we talk about "climate change and clean energy" while Trudeau himself decides to invest billions in a pipeline without a future? How can we talk about a "more peaceful and secure world" when weapon sales of the G7 countries has never been so prosperous?

We were here because our duty is to do everything in our power to disturb this summit, whose sole objective is to maintain in power a privileged minority for a few more months. To maintain an unsustainable power over a dying planet on the breaking point, facing a climactic, economic or military catastrophe.

We were on the road to La Malbaie because we believe in the future of humanity. However, this future can only be built with all the peoples of the world, and not for the benefit of the few. We were in Beauport because we can no longer tolerate this hypocrisy, this intimidation, these lies. We were there because the world must change. And because the G7 will never let it change.

The Réseau de résistance anti-G7 (RRAG7) @anti_g7