RRAG7 Follow-up!

Hello to you all!

We did not publish many details on our lists during the last few days since we were pretty busy in the streets of Quebec City against the G7!

However, we sent the most important information on our twitter feed @anti_g7, a trick to remember for next time!

We will eventually publish a more exhaustive report, but in the meantime, here are a few links about the activities of the last few days, and the unequal struggle against a police state which did everything in its power to silence us.

Our modest movement still managed to confront and disturb the iron routine of an economic regime shoved into our throat every day.

The white collar thieves who rule over us and their many collaborators took took bold steps to terrorize people and impose their military circus.

Thirteen people were arrested on June 7th and 8th and were held for the most part until Monday, June 11th.

Many thanks to everyone who braved the campaign of fear to take the streets and who helped get our anti-G7 message out there, to all the servants of big capital.

From organizing actions to housing activists, the legal support, communications, content production and food distribution, hats off to you all who made this mobilization possible!

If you have videos, photos or articles to send us: info@antig7.org

June 7th :


June 8th :


June 9th :


June 10th:

Pictures of the 3 days: