Press Release: After Police Repression, Judiciary Repression

For immediate distribution

Quebec City, June 13th, 2018

A few days after the end of the G7 Summit, the Legal Committee of the Réseau de résistance anti-G7 wishes to denounce some very disputable practices used by the judiciary system in order to silence the opposition to the Summit.

We want to denounce especially the prosecutors’ systematic refusal to release the people arrested after their initial court appearance. The use of bail hearing procedures and the imposition of bails during the June 11th court appearances seem unjustified, given that most of the alleged infractions were minor and the fact that the G7 Summit was over. The use of this bail mechanism is to us a mean to restrict the right to protest by forcing detention over the week-end (up to three and a half days in some cases). We must emphasize that this detention is a punishment much more severe than what the persons arrested should be facing because, once again, of the minor alleged accusations.

We also denounce the disrespect of the judiciary procedures. In many cases, police forces arrested people whose circumstances of their arrest did not justify any detention at all. In our view, these targeted arrests and the irregular and prolonged detention are, once again, a mean to restrict people’s right to free speech and to protest.

We must also denounce the difficulty that many people arrested faced in contacting their lawyers. In light of the long delays attributed to so-called logistical problems, with only 13 person arrested, we are left to wonder what would have happened if the number of people arrested was as high as the State expected.

We must finally denounce the fact that four of the people arrested have openly voiced their critique against police repression to the medias prior to their arrests. This profiling appears to be an intimidation tactic by police forces, whose objective seems to be to dissuade protesters to voice their concerns to the medias. This might represent a serious risk to the freedom of the press for future events.

At this time, no interviews will be given.

The Legal Committee of the Réseau de résistance anti-G7 (RRAG7)