Comité des arrêté.e.s du G7 - Communique denouncing arbitrary arrests and detention of the G7

[Text translated by the RRAG7 legal committee and not by the Comité des arrêté.e.s du G7. Our apologies for any mistakes]

December 5th Press Communique from the Comité des arrêté.e.s du G7

Between December 5th and 7th, some of the people arrested during last June's G7 events will start the Small Claims proceedings at the Montreal, Thetford-Mines and Quebec courts, in order to force the payment of moral and punitive damages. The City of Quebec, for the actions of its police officers and of its prosecutors' office, and the Quebec ministry of public security, for the actions of the Sureté du Québec police, are both facing this legal action.

The people arrested during the G7 are still living, six months after the events, with the consequences of the protest repression. They consider that their fundamental rights, protected by the Canadian and Quebec Bill of Rights, were violated on multiple occasions between June 7th and 11th in Quebec City.

This legal action is limited to the arrests and detention. The Comité des arrêté.e.s du G7 however wants to protest against the liberation conditions imposed on the people arrested, including the perimeter to avoid in downtown Quebec City, still in function six months after the G7, and which will still be active until the trials are finally over. These excessive conditions are a form of judiciary repression and are an extra burden on top of the already massive police repression taking place during the protests.

It is ironic that the courts are being used to repress the right to protest, while historically it was used to protect this same right. The lawyers Sibel Ataogul and Marie-Claude St-Amant, along with the professor Julien Villeneuve explain it will in this article: "The repression of the pacific protest is not only against fundamental freedoms, it is also costly and inefficient."

We will not be silenced!

Le Comité des arrêté.e.s du G7

  • Communique published on December 5th, 2018
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