Prison Escape Committee - An Introduction

The legal committee of the Réseau de résistance Anti-G7 (RRAG7) was created during the second organization assembly of the RRAG7 with the belief that legal information, secure practices, and fund collecting should be one of the main pillar of the struggle against the G7. The committee should take shape in the following weeks. Why the committee exists? Because the struggle against every summit are always heavily repressed. Against the States which oppose us in this struggle, we answer with solidarity and popular education. As the latin proverb says Si vis pacem, para bellum. Si vis pacem, para justitiam [If you want peace, prepare for war. If you want peace, prepare justice.].

The committee, called Prison Escape, has for main objective to share knowledge on security challenges, within organization practices as well as within organized events, to ensure networking between the people who need legal support and legal defense and the lawyers available, as well as build a legal fund. To fulfill these three great goals, the Committee will make available original and translated documents on the different security themes (organization, cybersecurity, stree medics, protests, arrests, general legal infos, and visitor visa to Canada). The Committee will also make itself available for popular education workshops and create original content for fundraising. which will be sold during events. The Committee will also make contact with various lawyers specialized in the varied domains of criminal and immigration rights.


Guide for Americans trying to come to Canada
Guide on being secure on the Internet
Guide of the WSF to obtain your Canadian visa
Quick guide for protester safety
Security culture in public assembly

Available workshops:

A Workshop will be held on April 21st in Montreal to prep some comrades to face the State's power and its well armed police repression during the G7. Jus Parebellum - The Teach-In

The mobilization and Networking committee can also give workshops on the topic of the G7. Contact them at

Jūs Parabellum publications:

In French Only Jus Parabellum Vol. 1 - L'organisation sécuritaire en groupe affinitaire

Fundraising goodies

The Prison Espace Commitee have some creative goodies projet on the way to boost the RRAG7 legal fundraising. Included frige magnets and pins ! If you want to help us financially in exchange of this creatives pieces of collection (!), please contact us.

For more information contact us:
rrag7-legal @

Page version: March 25th, 2018