Coordination Committee

The Réseau de résistance anti-G7 (RRAG7) was created in September 2017 with the objective to organize an anticapitalist mobilization against the G7 at La Malbaie in June 2018. The RRAG7 is an anti-authoritarian and non-hierarchic organization based on the active participation of individuals, although groups can also support the collective. The RRAG7 has multiple committees (mobilization and networking, info and popular education, financial and logistics, legal) and organizes the public assemblies. The RRAG7 supports diversity of tactics. It is also inspired by the principles of the Peoples' Global Action (PGA) launched in 1998 by the Zapatists and their allies.

The Coordination Committee has the mandate to exchange information between the committees and to organize the general assemblies. The email to contact the committee is the info @