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The objective of the Réseau de résistance anti-G7 (RRAG7) is to denounce the imperalist, colonialist and anti-envrionmentalist nature of the G7 summit which will take place on June 8-9th 2018 at La Malbaie. The objective of this summit is not to resolve the coming climatic catastrophe, but to maintain the hegemony of the G7 countries over our crumbling planet. The agenda might sound progressive, but experience shows that these beautiful speeches will lead to nothing beneficial.

After all, the French government will not defend workers; Macron, the French president, has already made a name for himself by pushing forward drastic measures which weakens the already difficult situation of French youth. The German government will not defend the social net. Merkel, the German chancellor, repeated many times that Europe was already spending too much money to help the most vulnerable, in order to justify the harsh measures taken against Greece and Spain. And it is certainly not the Trump administration who will defend women, the environment and immigrants. The reputation of the American orange monster is well established.

It is then up to us to remind their duty toward all the peoples of the world, toward all of us. And to remind them that each ounce of their power is given to them simply because we let them. And to remind them that we can remove our support at any time.

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