First Anti-G7 Banner in Saguenay

[Translation by the RRAG7, with our apologies for any errors or misinterpretations]

Chicoutimi, May 17th, 2018 - On this cold morning, the anti-G7 collective "Saumons la terreur" found its way up to the military base of Bagotville to install its first banner "G7, Stay Home, Use Skype", to protest against the June 2018 G7 Summit taking place at La Malbaie.

We are revolted to see the Charlevoix area already paralyzed by drastic and disproportionate security measures, installed at great cost by the Quebec and Canadian government in order to host the high dignitaries, where a simple video conference would have been sufficient. We deliberately chose the Bagotville base, international entry point for the area, to show our disagreement toward the coming of these world leaders and against the deployment of Canadian Army Forces to ensure their protection.

We denounce the fact that the media coverage of the actual issues of the G7 are practically nowhere to be seen. The many fundamental critiques of the G7 by the multiple community groups are barely heard within the traditional information networks, for the benefit of a fear campaign created in order to justify the millions of dollars taken from public funds which will be spend to finance this security madness which protects this political masquerade.

The G7, under the pretext of a pacifist and progressive agenda, seems to us to be nothing more than a demonstration of institutional violence. We consider the countries of the G7 to be the main reasons of the current worldwide social inequities.

Other actions against the G7 are coming, within the Saguenay area as well as across the province.

The "Saumons la terreur" collective is an anti-G7 activist group based within the Saguenay region.